Eve Brent

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Eve Brent

Eve Brent born 1930 Born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Fort Worthas Jean Ann Ewers. Eve Brent is a Saturn Award-winning American actress. Eve Brent has appeared on radio and television (guest-starring roles and hundreds of commercials), in movies and on the theater stage.

Some of her early film work includes roles in Gun Girls, 1956, Journey to Freedom, 1957 and Forty Guns, 1957.

Eve Brent became the twelfth actress to play Jane when she appeared opposite Gordon Scott's Tarzan in the film Tarzan's Fight for Life, (1958). Eve Brent also played the role in Tarzan and the Trappers 1958, three episodes filmed as a pilot for a proposed Tarzan television series.

Eve Brent also appeared in the "Girl on the Road" episode of The Veil, a short 1958 Boris Karloff TV series that was never aired.

In 1980 she won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for Eve Brent's work in Fade to Black. Her best-known recent work in films was in The Green Mile, 1999.

Eve Brent continues to work in episodic television, and recently (2006) guested on an episode of Scrubs as well as an episode of Community (2010).

Brent was married to Michael Ashe, her fifth husband. Ashe died July 31, 2008.