Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is a festival of scary and spooky spirits who are remembered on this day. The story or history of halloween celebrations dates back to the ancient Celtic festival when disembodied spirits of dead people throughout the preceding year would come back to the earth in search of living bodies to possess for the year ahead. There is a interconnection with November 1, celebrated as 'All Hollows Day' which is observed by catholics in honor of saints but after 5th century it ended on 31st October in Celtic Ireland which means "end of summer" or the Celtic New year.

Halloween Day is celebrated with great cheers around the globe in U.K, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, Ireland, U.S and other western countries with fun among all ages. So, enjoy the game of trick or treat as part of the frightening and superstitious time of year celebrated as halloween. Exchange these free halloween wallpapers as gift and wishes for happy halloween. Have ghoulish goodies through our storehouse of halloween offering collection of wallpapers, backgrounds, templates and other stuff available with free download facility.

halloween wallpapers

Halloween Wallpapersfree halloween wallpapersHalloween Wallpapers

download halloween wallpapers

Halloween Wallpapers

Disney Halloween Wallpaper, Disney Halloween Cartoon Backgrounds

Walt Disney makes special presentation for halloween festival to entertain its audiences with their favorite disney cartoons like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Gofu, Garfield, Pluto, Winnie and more. So, download any of these disney halloween wallpaper to add animated cartoonish look to your computer desktop for free. Enjoy easy surfing and downloading these free backgrounds.
Free Disney Halloween Wallpaper Disney Halloween Cartoon Wallpaper Disney Halloween Desktop Wallpapers

Happy Halloween Wallpapers

Exchange your wishes of happy halloween with dearones and nearones online through collection of free wallpapers on the occasion of halloween. Share and enjoy these happy halloween wallpapers of skeletons, haunted house, pumpkins, lights, bats and other stuff. Share the animated stuff to illuminate your computer screen for the scary nights of halloween.

happy halloween wallpapers

Halloween Wallpapers
Free Happy Halloween WallpapersDownload Happy Halloween Wallpapers

Beautiful Halloween Wallpapers, Beautiful Halloween Collection

Halloween is always very scary and wild but today, people have changed the way of celebration to a bit beautiful for people who fear off the scary things so enjoy these beautiful halloween wallpapers to spice up your desktop or laptop with a spirit of halloween festivals. Enjoy decorating applications with beautiful stuff of halloween.
Beautiful Halloween Wallpapers beautiful wallpapers for halloween Beautiful Halloween Collection

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpapers, Design a Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper

Choose from below displayed halloween pumpkin wallpapers to add as decoration material for halloween celebrations. Various faces of anger, laughter, sadness, boredom, smile, cuteness can be made by carving the pumpkin to look like a real face in the form of jack-o-lantern. Download these pumpkin backgrounds to give halloween touch to your layout, desktop or laptop or you can design your own wallpaper with halloween pumpkins too.

3D halloween pumpkin wallpaper

Happy Halloween Pumpkin WallpaperHalloween Pumpkin Wallpapers Halloween Pumpkin Desktop Wallpapers

Free Halloween Backgrounds, Happy Halloween Backgrounds

Decorate your webpage, template, myspace, online account or any other place with these halloween backgrounds to bring scary cheers of halloween all over the web. The haunted house, jack-o-lanterns, flying witch, dark night, scarecrow,........ makes great selection to have a real spooky halloween celebration. Wish your online buddies, colleagues, friends and circle happy halloween through these free backgrounds.

halloween backgrounds

Free Halloween BackgroundsHappy Halloween Backgrounds

Halloween Desktop Wallpapers, Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

Add the cheers of halloween night with spooky wild spirits enjoying each other's company on the halloween eve when people have get-together party. Watch these halloween desktop wallpapers and download them for free by clinking on the thumbnails. The ghost scaring away kids, group of bats flying all over the haunted house, the light coming out of the mansion alogn with scary voices. Put these backgrounds up on your desktops for the coming festive season of halloween.
Free Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Halloween Desktop Wallpapers Halloween Desktop Backgrounds

Halloween Computer Wallpaper, Halloween Computer Themes

Decorate your computer system for the coming holiday season of halloween with these halloween computer wallpaper as a decoration enhancement offering spooky night of bats, witches, ghosts, cats, vamps, devils, monsters and other evil spirits who are part of halloween celebrations. Put these background themes to bring the scary feel to your computers for free.
Halloween Computer Wallpaper Halloween Computer Themes Free Halloween Computer Wallpapers

3D Halloween Wallpaper, 3d Art on Halloween

Enjoy the animated art of 3d work giving live or real look to a scene where you can watch a moving ghost, smiling jack-o-lantern and more stylish pattern of halloween themes. Check out the free collection of 3d halloween wallpaper to add light of glow to your desktop or laptop. Enjoy surfing and downloading.

halloween 3d wallpaper

Free 3D Halloween Wallpaper3D Halloween Wallpaper3D Halloween Collection

Animated Halloween Wallpapers, Animated Halloween Desktop Wallpaper

Enjoy the beautiful work of animation done for halloween holidays to bring cheers to your scary celebrations. Access these animated halloween wallpapers to put animated feel of lighted pumpkin, flying witches, dancing ghosts, talking cats and more. See the magic of witches on halloween night by placing any of these free wallpapers for halloween.

animated halloween desktop wallpaper

Free Animated Halloween WallpapersAnimated Halloween Wallpapers