Holi Special Wallpapers, Holi Special Pictures

Holi festival is special occasion in India because on this day everyone become kid and with a delightful mood enjoys the funny play of dhulendi with all. Applying colors, drenching each other with water, sprinkling water through pichkari works specially to make the holi celebrations more joyful, pleasing and enjoyable. Here, we present some excellent range of holi special wallpapers working perfectly to raise spirit for holi festival. So, feel free to download and place on your screen.
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Holi Desktop Wallpapers, Holi Desktop Backgrounds

Bring that colorful feel and look of holi to your desktop screen for the coming spring holidays of holi by exploring our latest brunch of holi desktop wallpapers full of cheerful scenes and pictures of real holi celebrations. You can see people playing with holi colors, water and having bhang as the tradition of holi. Bring that scene of holi festival onto your desktop by placing any of these background picture for free.
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Holi Colors Wallpaper, Holi - The Festival of Colors Pictures

Holi is commonly named with Festival of colors because the significance of colors can be seen on holi day when people greet each other by applying holi colors on each other face. These colors bring happiness, joy, sharing, togetherness and pleasure to fill our life with the beautiful colors of nature. You can share the amazing feel and experience of holi celebrations with our selective range of holi colors wallpaper available here for free.
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Radha Krishna Holi Wallpapers, Lord Krishna Radhika Holi Pictures

The legend of Radha-Krishna is very famous with holi since their holi play displays romance and love among the two which is world-known thats why their idols are kept together in temple because they had immortal love between them. Holi depicts the love plays of Radha and Krishna which is seen in Vrindavan and Mathura. Thats why every year young couples, kids and children play holi together to express the enduring love like Lord Krishna and Radha. So, put up these Radha Krishna Holi wallpapers to present the true love story and funny play between the two hindu deities.
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Free Holi Wallpapers, 2010 Free Holi Wallpapers

Holi festival is the happy moment of fun, tradition and rituals for people in India who light bonfire on holi eve to mark the victory of good over bad and enjoy the colorful play with water and colors on dhulendi. Holi is a hindu festival which brings the joy of spring through freshness of floral colors famously known as gulal in India. 2010 holi celebration is on 1st March when the whole India will join the fun-filled play with each other in a happy and colorful mood. Feel free to go through our selective free holi wallpapers available in easy download facility to beautify your screen with its colors and wordings of happy holi wishes.
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