Halloween Wallpapers

Halloween is a festival of scary and spooky spirits who are remembered on this day. The story or history of halloween celebrations dates back to the ancient Celtic festival when disembodied spirits of dead people throughout the preceding year would come back to the earth in search of living bodies to possess for the year ahead. There is a interconnection with November 1, celebrated as 'All Hollows Day' which is observed by catholics in honor of saints but after 5th century it ended on 31st October in Celtic Ireland which means "end of summer" or the Celtic New year.

Halloween Day is celebrated with great cheers around the globe in U.K, Canada, Latin America, Mexico, Ireland, U.S and other western countries with fun among all ages. So, enjoy the game of trick or treat as part of the frightening and superstitious time of year celebrated as halloween. Exchange these free halloween wallpapers as gift and wishes for happy halloween. Have ghoulish goodies through our storehouse of halloween offering collection of wallpapers, backgrounds, templates and other stuff available with free download facility.

halloween wallpapers

Halloween Wallpapersfree halloween wallpapersHalloween Wallpapers

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Halloween Wallpapers