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Valentine's day is celebrated every year on 14th February to express and feel passion of love for each other. This day has a story behind its celebration which is why it became famous and many things got associated with the day. But there are no evidence of the real story based on saint valentine day. Many people say, a saint named 'Valentine' helped the young couple wed into the beautiful relation of husband and wife instead of King's order who announced not to have wedding in the city. The Saint got punishment for not following the instructions and he was hung to death. Thats why this day was named as valentine's day, made for lovers who have feelings of love with each other. You can also celebrate this day and make your lover feel special by gifting any of these valentines day wallpapers as a token of your in-heart true feelings, aspirations and sentiments. Place these wallpapers as background on your deck screen to beautify your work area and let the fragrance of roses spread all over.
Valentines Day WallpapersFree Valentines Day Wallpapers
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